Women Growing in Faith

My name is Liz Stryker, I am a wife, mom, grandmother, Biblical Counsellor, and I write for God’s glory and your encouragement. I studied Social Work at Fanshawe College and later studied to become a Biblical Counsellor, through “The Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors.” All of that was God’s doing and where He has brought me in life.

I work as a Counsellor in my Home Office in Niagara Ontario, Canada. I love to help people grow, change, and thrive using God’s Word as the catalyst.

I rise early to write and to bring encouragement to others because God has done this for me. I love to inspire women to grow and blossom beautifully through faith in Jesus Christ and His Word.

God has done an amazing work in my life through the Holy Spirit’s power to transform, blossom, and grow me to my fullest potential for His glory, and I believe He wants to do that in and through you to. God has brought beauty and healing into my life through His Word and through faith in Jesus Christ. He has done this to the fullest, helping my inner life radiate beauty that only He can bring.

I want the same for you, dear reader.

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