A Quiet Place to Find Rest

Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, He said to them,

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Mark 6:31.


Have you ever been so busy you didn’t take the time to eat?

I’ve been there as well, skipping lunch just to get some more work accomplished. Reports need to be filed and appointments need to be met.

Sometimes it seems people crowd into our space to meet with Jesus.

That was exactly what was going on in the illustration from Mark 6 verse 31. Jesus asked his disciples to come with Him, by themselves, with no one else making demands on their time. With Jesus by themselves, they would find a quiet place and get rested.

So where do you go to find rest?

Is it your Cell Phone? Your landline? Your best friend? The television? A refreshing drink, and then one more? Or maybe it’s the shopping mall or a chocolate binge that calls your name?

Regardless of the vice of choice, if there is one, and there often is one or two, or more, we need to find rest for our souls in a more meaningful place.

As we draw away with Jesus, like Jesus instructed the disciples, to do, we find that rest.

It does not mean sitting all day.

Refreshment for our souls takes place when we sit at the feet of Jesus to begin our day.

Then we will have the strength to do our work for the rest of the day.

What is your favourite spot to spend time with Jesus if you begin your day this way?

Is it on the front porch with a coffee and the birds singing praises to the LORD as you do?

Perhaps you have a favourite chair or place indoors that serves as a respite from the pressures of life?

Or maybe you are that person who can pray as you walk along nature trails?

Wherever that place of privacy is alone with Jesus is the best way to begin any day!

In the summer, I love to read the Bible to begin the day on our front porch. Finding a shelter amongst the flowers and hummingbirds to speak to my Saviour is my favourite time of day. I always think the hummingbird reminds me of God’s majesty. And you know what? Many times, as I open my Bible to read, there flits about a majestic little bird to remind me of God’s nearness.

My personal prayers have to be done in my heart and head, because there is always someone around lately. My husband and I read and pray together, which is a huge blessing. But when I want to talk to Jesus alone, there is no place to do so. Our sons come in the house to say hello, or our grandchildren are here to visit, or someone is always coming or going unexpectedly. There again that I see as a huge blessing.

A friend of mine whom I have often learned from once told me she prays in her mind on her bed at night when she can’t sleep. For hours.

I have been trying to pray by writing things down, or simply quietly in my thoughts.

Whatever your method, the reason I am sharing is to encourage you in your walk with Jesus.

Maybe you have it all down pat.

Perhaps you don’t need suggestions or advice?

Just maybe you think you are too busy, too unworthy, too far gone, or doing too well to meet with Jesus daily?

Or maybe you are a beginner, and new to the things of faith. If so, that is great! A warm welcome to you, and encouragement to press on forward!

To begin with, just be honest with God in your dialogue. Share with Him what is on your heart, what is bothering you, what you need His help with, and don’t forget to spend a lot of time praising and thanking God for His grace and kindness in your life.

I remember the time years ago; I read a book about the very topic of spending time with Jesus.

The author suggested creating a special place, cozy, quiet and inviting to be alone with Jesus.

Wherever you meet with Jesus, I hope it provides you with a sanctuary of rest and refreshment as you meet with the LORD of our lives.

Those daily moments of respite will change your day and your game.

Your life will never be the same as you look up, pray, read the Bible, and talk to our very personal Saviour.

Just watch how He answers the prayers of your heart and speaks volumes to you from the LIVING Word of Life, the Bible. Jesus will direct the words to you in a personal and profound way! If you are unsure, ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you through the pages of Scripture?

I invite you to take Jesus’ words with you today and…

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”












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