Bound Securely by the LORD

“Even though someone is pursuing you to take your life,
the life of my lord will be bound securely in the bundle of the living
by the LORD your God,
but the lives of your enemies he will hurl away as from the pocket of a sling.”
1 Samuel 25:29


Sometimes we feel alone in life or lost, or like our enemies have control and God doesn’t.

Maybe we don’t have many enemies, but we have one enemy and he will try to bring us down as he tries to kill, steal and destroy.

That enemy is satan, (small s), and Jesus Christ has defeated our enemy, crushed his head. God’s power (capital G) is greater. Never forget that. I won’t either.

Today at our Ladies Bible Study we discussed the 1 Samuel 25, especially the Verses 28 and 29.

Abigail reminded David that his life was bundled up in the care of the Lord and that God would take care of his enemies.

We need to remind ourselves of these precious truths daily.

God will bring justice. He will vindicate us when we have been wronged. Our part is to let Him fight our battles for us. We ask in prayer, take any action God instructs us, and leave the rest to God. When we impulsively retaliate, we are playing into the enemy’s hands. Who wants to do that?

When our hearts become rooted in God’s truth, when we keep our focus on God and not our circumstances, we find peace knowing God will take care of what we can’t.

As Christians, as children of God, we are bundled up under His eternal care. Regardless of what we are facing in life or in death, we believe God will protect us either here or eternally.

Whether on this earth or in heaven, God is our protector, the shade at our right hand.

At Bible Study today we read through Psalm 121. Several women shared that they have read and reread Psalm 121 for personal strength in their lives.

I encourage you to read all of Psalm 121 or even sing it.

Here are only two verses from Psalm 121:

“The LORD will keep you from all evil, He will keep your life. The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.” Psalm 121:7-8.

Someone raised the question, “what if your child or your spouse dies” how is God protecting you? To which the conclusion is, our lives are bundled up in the LORD either here on earth or in heaven with Jesus. We need not fear death. As Christians we belong to God. He has a time for us to be born and a time for us to die.

If we are taken from this earth, our worries, fears, distresses are over, there will be no more tears. Our lives will be forever bundled in Christ’s loving arms.

If our time on earth and serving God is not yet done, God will bundle us here on earth in His loving arms until we are called home to heaven.

Let us thank God today for taking our lives and binding us up securely in the bundle of the living.

May our hearts rest in His security over us.

Praise God with me,
the best is yet to be,
for all eternity.


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