Bright lights in a dark World

Nov 22, 2023 | Growing in God's Grace

Do everything without complaining and arguing that no one can criticize you.
Live clean, innocent lives as children of God,
shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.
Hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ’s return,
I will be proud that I did not run the race in vain and that my work was not useless.
Philippians 2:14-16


We spoke to a Real Estate Agent yesterday.

He was a fine gentleman, very easy to talk to. He shared something we already know, but he reminded us of it again.

There are many people getting divorces these days, even in Christian circles. Young couples, everywhere in between, even older couples who have been married for years.

It seems commitment is lacking and an “I want…” society reigns.

Later yesterday, I spoke to someone going through those very circumstances.

She seemed to think our society needs a purging, and I agree.

If we have gotten spoiled, pampered, blessed with materialism to the maximum, perhaps we are have forgotten God?

Maybe we don’t even think we need God anymore?

We are supposed to be living clean, innocent lives as children of God.

But are we?

Christians are supposed to shine as bright lights/stars in a world of darkness, brokenness, and a crooked and perverse generation.

Instead, we are mingling and merging and intertwining and becoming part of the darkness. We are molding to fit the expected pattern.

For the Christian who dares to speak out against evil, many label them as bigots, homophobic, radical right wingers who are intolerant and speak hate.

The opposite is actually true. As we speak the truth in love, we do everyone a favour in giving the warning of the Word of God.

A faithful Christian should speak the truth in love. However, it will not receive understanding from those living in darkness.

And so we carry on. Instead of being a beacon of light, we play it safe and placate evil.

We can justify our actions by saying we are not without sin, either. We believe we must not speak out if we, too, are imperfect.

Yet our calling as Christians is to shine like stars in a dark world.

How do we speak out knowing we are an imperfect spokesperson?

Christ redeems us. He helps us shine light into a dark world. We share the gospel of redeeming grace to those lost in sin, thankful that Christ has rescued us from the pit of darkness!

Christians are not better than others. We have been saved by grace. Therefore, we want to help others find light on the journey.

Many will refuse our attempts to share the gospel. Others will be open and eager to have Christ’s light shine into their brokenness.

One thing is sure, we need the Holy Spirit to help us be sensitive to His timing and the words He would want us to share with others.

None of us is worthy to share the gospel, but Christ Jesus makes us worthy. He will help anyone shine like a star with His light if only they open their hearts to let His light shine in.





Dear LORD,

Help us bring your light, and share Your Word, the Bible, with others.

We are not worthy, but you have redeemed us and called us as your own.

Sincerely, we want that for others, especially all those in our families.

That includes our Church Family too.

Thank-you LORD, for using imperfect people to bring life and light to those who walk in darkness.

Help us live for you alone.

In Jesus’ name.



****Photo Credit- Unsplash by Fuu J

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