Dead to Sin, Alive to God

Apr 12, 2024 | God's Love

“But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God,
the fruit you get leads to sanctification and its end,
eternal life.
For the wages of sin is death,
but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord.
Romans 6: 22-23


Easter was only two weeks ago and how often have we thought of the gift of grace in Jesus Christ, our salvation,

freedom from sin and so forth?

Since I read Romans 6 this morning I came face to face with amazing grace once again.

How my heart overflows with gratitude each time I read about it.

Romans chapter six is a very familiar reading for many Christians.

We should all meditate on the truths in that chapter time and time again.

As Christians we have comfort in knowing once we believed in Jesus Christ as our Savior we died to sin.

That comfort is for anyone who will repent and believe. It’s that simple.

Christ will live in the heart that knows its need, believes and asks Jesus to become the captain of their lives.

As believers we have become buried with Christ and our inward lives change (we become sanctified\changed).

Our hearts are ready to live for Jesus. We feel remorse when we sin. God’s grace offers forgiveness as we repent (or say sorry to God).

In union with the Holy Spirit, now the believer has the power to live a new life, a better life, a changed life, a redeemed or renewed life. None of it comes from our own power, but only by God’s grace and power do we change. All we have to do is ask Jesus to change our hearts and lives, and He will. We may have to ask until the changes are clear.

Our lives will never be perfect on this earth, but we will become more and more holy (don’t let that word scare you) or sanctified or changed or someone with new and better behaviour. We grow to become more like Christ! Our part is to work with the Holy Spirit by asking for change and to obey God. That is prayer God is pleased to answer. How would He not want to make us more Christlike as we ask Him to?

The old man has been crucified with Christ and the new has come! Amazing grace upon grace! The death of Christ has broken the power of sin!

Each day, we go to God and ask for His power to live. If we let sin rule in our lives, it takes over. As we repent and ask anew each day, we are bound to have God’s power to overcome, bit by bit, little by little, gradual growth and change.

Certainly, some individuals are radically transformed, such as the Apostle Paul, but most of us are in it for the long haul to change. It can be downright frustrating too since we want to arrive at perfection NOW.

Slavery in the end leads to death, destruction, a hating of self, a loathing of self.

For the redeemed believer a love for living right, and according to God’s Word, becomes part of their DNA. We are Christ’s workmanship, after all. His bloodline, his heirs.

So for today, dear reader, let us end with this thought on a Friday morning…

We are free from the captivity of sin as Christians and raised to eternal life forevermore with Christ.

Hold that thought and I will too.











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