Divine Appointment

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit —
fruit that will last.
Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.
This is my command.
Love each other.
John 15:16-17


Last week we studied a few Bible Verses from John 15.

We could spend a year on that chapter alone.

But we won’t.

As the chapter reaches its midway point, we read the verses listed above.

We know Jesus is speaking to His disciples here. Yet those words naturally apply to us as He speaks to us through His word.

It is a comfort to know Jesus chose us first. Our salvation does not depend upon us. He chose us first. We responded in faith as believers.

Jesus chose us and appointed us to go… and bear fruit.

For each person this fruit bearing will look different.

I spoke to someone dear yesterday who told be about an older couple she takes to church. Alongside this she quietly invites a struggling family into her humble home to share a meal. She is a giver and does so naturally as she follows Christ’s “divine appointment” to bear fruit or “doing good deeds” for the glory of our LORD.

It is amazing how many variations of “doing good deeds” there are in God’s family.

Sometimes individuals work behind the scenes giving like the widow did giving her last mite (penny).

Others are more at the forefront and do so for God’s glory, too.

The thing is, we do as God calls us to do. That makes the journey interesting. Life with God is never dull.

As we seek God with all our hearts, He leads us to do the appointed work He has for us.

Our desire to please God in our service to Him delights our LORD. (Proverbs 15:8)

There are so many needs in this world one should never run out of ideas on how to be a blessing, but we need direction from God in our particular service to Him.

One thing is sure. The most miserable individuals are the ones who only live for self, heaping up things for themselves, or ever only thinking about themselves, their problems, their lives, their everything.

One thing that is good for someone experiencing depression is to go out and serve others. Get up, get going, and get your mind off yourself and onto someone else.

This brings me to the next point.

“This is my command: Love each other.” (John 15:17).

This very important command is hard to do. Once again, “apart from Him we can do nothing.”

As we rely on God’s grace to love others, it gets easier.

We all lean towards loving self over loving God and others, but that is not how God wants us to live in a word that is — selfishly!

Our natural response (fleshly reaction) is always to lean towards “self” first. Unless you are a saint already, which most of us aren’t.

How thankful we are then as we lean upon God to love others well and He fills us up with His love. God is love. (1 John 4:7) We can’t even remotely love unless we learn to love with His help.

So won’t you join me today in being thankful for being chosen by God as we believe in response?

Being grateful for tasks to do that glorify His name.

And for His love, which teaches us how to love as we lean on Him in prayer for this help.

Let’s go now and do our appointed tasks full of love for Him first.

We are divinely hand picked, appointed and loved, after all.







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