Everything Made Beautiful in His Time

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart;
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”
Ecclesiastes 3:11


Yesterday I strayed from the theme of renewal, new life, spiritual revival.

We had a hard happening in our neighbourhood, and I had to write to make sense of that. I hope somehow that was of help to you.

Anyway, today is a new day and a fresh beginning again to focus on the season of renewal.

As I try to make sense of yesterday’s happenings and combine it with the theme of renewal, it has led me to write about the Bible Verse listed above.

I sincerely believe that God has made everything beautiful in His time.

We don’t always see it right away and we may not see it until we reach heaven, but it is God’s promise in His Word.

I believe for those who have eyes to see, God makes all things beautiful somehow on this earth for us as believers.

God’s Word states, “He makes all things beautiful… in His time.”

The trials that come across our paths refine us if we let God do His work in us.

Hardships can drive us to God or turn us from Him.

As we turn to God, He makes us more beautiful.

He creates more depth in our faith.

God helps us learn humility, perseverance, obedience, and the real meaning of grit and grace.

Not only that, God can take our hardship and use it and us for His glory through it, hard as that can be.

I have seen people suffer severe trauma, who have turned to God, and He has turned it full circle for His own purposes to glorify His name and to bring others to a saving faith in Christ. God has healed their wounds and scars because by His stripes (suffering on the cross) He heals us.

Ask Him to bring your situation full circle for His purposes and to His glory?

He will use your suffering dear reader, just as He did in Joseph’s life in the book of Genesis.

That is a good story to study to learn how to suffer well, and for a purpose, and for comfort in how God brought beauty and redemption to others through Joseph’s suffering!

He will do the same for you and me, since God is no respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34-35)

We can only see the beauty that God creates within with the spirit. We cannot see it with the eye.

But when you see it with your spirit, it shines, it radiates, it speaks volumes about who we emulate.

The hardships and suffering we experience can be the catalyst for deeper beauty within.

Or they can harden the heart like a stone.

Which will it be for you, dear reader?

When we lift our faces heavenward, focusing on the God of rebirth, beauty, redemption and renewal, we will give birth to the same.

We will need to turn, turn, and keep turning to God, focusing and refocusing on His Word to us.

He will bring comfort. God will bring conviction. He will ultimately make things beautiful in their time.

Let us each one, refresh ourselves with a heavenly perspective today?

May we absorb the beauty God has created around us, and soak it into the depths of our souls, so that we walk away refreshed, renewed, revived, and reborn.

Today I intend to take a long walk, or bike ride, to absorb our Master’s magnificent creation around us.

When I glimpse the fresh new life bursting forth, it will serve as a reminder that God makes all things new.

The beauty to behold serves as a promise of the infinite beauty to come in eternity.

Until then, hold on dear reader, hold on to the good, hold on to the beauty, and never let the darkness win.

God has and will make all things BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME.

His promise floods my heart today.

What about yours?

Cling to God’s beauty. And I will too.


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