Fly Away And Rest

Apr 26, 2024 | Hope

I said, “Oh, that I had wings of a dove!
I would fly away and be at rest.”
Psalm 55:6


David is emotionally distraught as he pens the words of Psalm 55.

His thoughts are troubling, and his heart is in anguish.

He is fearful and trembling because of his enemies and what they are saying.

David is suffering.

This man, after God’s heart, imagines “flying like a dove” away from all his troubles.

Perhaps you have been in that position?

Have you had people mistreating you or saying cruel things about you?

Was someone full of jealous rage towards you?

Did you experience the wrath and hatred of a person’s potent emotions expressed in a verbal onslaught?

Whatever the reason you were suffering, did you need a place of rest?

Have you, like David, needed an escape? Where thoughts of fleeing and finding refuge infiltrating your mind at every moment?

I have been there myself.

Haven’t we all?

Doves are peaceful birds and as you think about flying away like one, it brings a moment or two of peace.

Until reality brings you back to the day’s problems!

We think of the Holy Spirit as a dove. Does He not bring us peace within?

And if we fly to Him when we are upset or distraught and run under His wings for refuge, will we not find rest?

Our safe landing place should always be in Jesus’s arms.

How much is this your reality?

It is so easy to run to a well-meaning friend with our problems.

Many people run to things like drugs, or alcohol, or food and material goods.

These things don’t bring rest.

Why do we seek things rather than God?

He wants to let us rest in Him.

I went to the Heritage War Plane Museum in Hamilton a few days ago as I shared about on yesterday’s blog.

That brought me back in time to June and July 1983.

After College I became employed at a Children’s Home as a Child and Youth Social Worker.

Through my place of employment, I took the children for air flights. The owner of a Cessna Airplane supported the Home where I worked. The kids loved these trips and so did I. It was amazing!

The same gentleman owned a World War 11 Tiger-moth airplane and invited any employees up for a flight and some exhilarating air aerobics. I remember I was the only one who went.

The pilot performed precise maneuvers and breath-taking air dives and dips.

It seemed I was flying away like a dove! Though I did not feel at rest. I knew I would later.

It was an adventure of a lifetime! It had been in the back of my mind. Seeing those airplanes at the museum brought those memories to the surface again.

I was a different person then, going back 41 years ago. Young and naïve, with much to learn.

But like David, I have learned to fly to the bosom of my Lord in all my trials and distresses.

His wings of refuge always bring comfort and rest.

And His Holy Spirit, as gentle as dove, took that 21-year-old young lady, and taught her to fly, truly fly, like a dove, high above life’s problems to the place of rest in His nest, in His arms of love.

The result is His work of refining me to His image. A softer, kinder me.

A dove of sorts, waiting to fly home, someday not doing acrobats in the air, but flying free in the Spirit of my God.

And just as military pilots use aerobatic flight for combat tactics, God has used His flight training purposes to teach me to find rest in Him alone, and how to win against the enemy, just like David did so long ago.

Although I enjoy life immensely, I also can’t wait until I can fly under His wings and away to rest with God forever.















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