Fly Away and Rest

I said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.”
Psalm 55:6


Today marks the first day of August. It is time for a new theme for the month.

Gladiolus is the official flower for the month of August. I like that because my Momma’s garden was always productive, yet allowed for beautiful blooms and I will never think of a gladiola without thinking of my precious Mom. Forever, the Proverbs 31 woman exemplified, for us seven children anyway.

We are only a month and a half into Summer and some folks want to say it’s almost over.

Actually, it is only half over, and the dog days of summer will roll in for some time yet.

The summer sun continuously pouring down its warmth, children scattered across lawns, parks, and fields, testifying to the loveliness of the season!

Many families are away on holidays for a time of refreshment and rest.

I love the Bible Verse I picked for today. “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” If only it were that easy to find rest.

In our fast-paced, high stressed society where busy means better, individuals quickly become depleted of energy and joy. Many have lived with being overwhelmed without even knowing it. People’s physical bodies suffer, and their mental states become hindered and the race of life forges on.

Talking time to smell the roses (and admire the gladiolas) is a thing of the past for so many.

Our extended family has had some major health battles in the past seven years, which has led me to reexamine my values. Perhaps you have had similar experiences?

I know I have to learn to discipline my diet and my exercise habits better. The exercise part I have done, but the diet is not so much lately. Most of us know that heart attacks and strokes can result from high blood pressure and stress.

All of this has led me to focus my writing on the theme of rest for the month of August.

If you are like me, the days fly by, and the months turn into years, and where on earth did the time go?

So won’t you join me this month as we glean from Scripture and study the theme of rest as God directs it?

Let us pause on the hamster wheel of life, take a deep breath, and soak in the rays of sunshine from the God’s Words of Life.

He brings the rest, the renewal, the refreshment, the restoration, and He provides the Bread of Life, His Word, to do so.

Join me in pausing each morning, and like a dove, fly away from time for a while and rest in God.

As I write this, my gardens need more weeding, my house needs more cleaning, and I have an important meeting scheduled for 10:00 A.M. Our granddaughter is pleading with me for another cookie for breakfast. I will oblige shortly.

What about you? What pulls at your heartstrings? What weighs you down with obligations unmet and jobs undone?

Is it family? Work? Health concerns? Loneliness? Brokenness?

All the above?

Let us examine the theme of rest together and fly away for a while into the loving arms of our LORD and His precious Word?

Welcome August… we are ready for you!













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