God is Light

Nov 27, 2023 | Hope

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you,
that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
1 John 1:5


Good Monday morning dear readers! I hope you had a blessed weekend? Was it busy like mine?

Hopefully yesterday you had a day of rest?

Here we are the last Monday in November 2023. The rush of concerts, visits with family and friends, and so forth will soon be here.

For now, let’s savour the moment to pause and sit at the feet of Jesus, our light.

For the month of November we have been learning about Jesus as our light. How we need His light to shine into our dark hearts, and this dark world. If not for Christ’s light filling us and leading us, we would flounder in the darkness forever!

Today’s Bible Verse, found in 1 John 1:5, teaches us God is without darkness. God is never obscure. God never sins, and he is the only perfect being that ever was and ever will be. His light is pure and untainted.

It will reflect our own joy in our walk with God. Does light shine from our smiles, our eyes, our countenance?

Do we make our most urgent life focus to spend time at the feet of the light of humanity?

Is this our heart’s joy?

So often, life’s diversions interfere with our walk in the light.

We get so busy making preparations, hosting family, joining the rat race in being consumed by our work, or our latest gadget.

How much time do you and I actually spend pursuing the God of the universe and allow His light to point us to the pathway of His choosing?

I will admit, for me, the entire weekend was a blur. It went so fast and was jam-packed with activities.

My choice, I suppose, was to be busy, and not to immerse myself in the light of life’s presence as much as I should have. We all struggle with this. Can we spend every moment of life actively in communion with our light source?

We can ask ourselves how much time we have spent on our cell phones, or in conversation with family or friends, but I spent how much of it with God? I do not mean this to heap condemnation on anyone. But it is as a reality check for me and for you.

It is extremely easy to lose ourselves in the “cares” and “tares” of this world.

As we absorb the light of God’s Word and presence into our souls, we reflect His being to a watching and desperate world.

And should it ever be, we get faced point blank with evil; our hearts and mouths would overflow with a response that gives glory to the light of all lights.

I know I need to bask in the Light of God. What about you?

One day may it be that together we bask in the Holy Light of God forever and ever and ever.












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