Hold it Fast

May 17, 2023 | Growing in God's Grace

But the seed in the good soil,
stands for those with a noble and a good heart,
who hear the word,
retain it,
and by persevering produce a crop.
Luke 8:15.



It is the season of farmers and gardeners planting their crops in the cultivated, rich soil.

Eagerly seeds get sown and seedlings started in the fertile land.

With diligence and patience exercised they strategically embed the seeds in the loam.

Sometimes seeds get pulled up by the birds of the air or the beasts of the land seeking nourishment.

Other seeds have fallen on rocky patches and die within days.

Yet many seeds take root in the earth and sprout.

The farmer and the gardener wait with eager anticipation for the plants to flourish.

Naturally, we can draw a parallel with the farmer planting his seed to the seed of the Word of God.

Some hear God’s Word and accept it as truth.

Others initially root their lives in God’s Word, but something pulls the seed out of their hearts. Perhaps the cares of this world, perhaps the riches of this present life, are too much of a distraction.

It takes endurance for the farmer, the gardener, and the believer to wait on the Master Gardener, who causes all things to grow, the plants of the ground, and the precious seed of the Word of Life in the heart of man.

The wait is worth it, for the result is bounty.

Renewed hearts and plentiful harvests.

Abundant yields for both farmer and believers as faith takes root, and the labour is not in vain.

What kind of soil is your life planted on?

Will the Master Gardener have His way in your heart?

Wait on the LORD. He will cultivate good things in the depth of your being.

He will help you harvest much for His Kingdom, as you persevere with His help.

If you allow His Word to take root, listening, taking time to grow, and always earnestly bearing fruit to His glory, the yield will be plentiful indeed.











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