Jun 13, 2024 | God's Love, Hope

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, 
firm and secure.”
Hebrews 6:19a


One thing we all need is hope. If we don’t have hope, we have nothing at all.

But what is it we put our hope in?

This morning my husband and I wanted to go boating early in the morning. We have an old clunker of a boat that gets us out on the water. He loves to fish and I love to be in the heart of nature, often reading a good book or just enjoying the scenery. Today though the wind was a bit too strong, and we had to postpone this event.

It got me pondering the words of Hebrews 6:19. We read that chapter recently.

The words bring comfort to me. What about you?

Is Christ your anchor in life? He surely has become my one and only.

The winds picked up this morning, and we put off our plans to go boating on Lake Erie, knowing it would be foolish to be tossed and turned on the unpredictable waters. Our anchor stayed put in the boat. It is never wise to test the waters of the unknown, since perhaps a storm might arise in an instant.

The storms of life require an anchor for the soul, don’t they? Life can toss us too and fro, the events can cause us instability, putting us in danger of losing our footing. The winds can toss us turbulently into the abyss if we don’t have an anchor.

For the believer we ride the storms with our great God beside us. This does not mean that every outcome is perfect. No, it merely means we have an anchor that holds us firm and secure during the storm. We will get tossed and face turbulent currents and winds, but God is at our side, leading us through the storm.

Where would we be without that anchor? Perhaps drowning in the great waters of grief, sorrow, or depression, overtaken and shipwrecked by sin?

God is the anchor that holds us in place. The storm doesn’t disappear but our anchor holds us fast firmly and secure. Otherwise we would drift forever on the currents of change and unsettled waters.

One person I met, I will never forget. She was so grateful to learn of Christ being the anchor of our souls. It penetrated her life and has made all the difference. When our time together had ended she gifted me with a pair of earrings that were anchors. What a reminder to me of our time spent together discussing God as the anchor of our souls.

Perhaps you grew up knowing that truth and holding to that truth and it has kept you stable?

Truth is many are hungering for that truth if only someone would lead the way to share the gospel truth and God’s faithfulness if they but believe.

Have you cast your anchor down and are you holding fast to the God who holds the seas in His hands?

“Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked the heavens? Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighted the mountains on the scales and the hills in balance? Isaiah 40:12.

Keep anchored in Christ and one day soon we will have total and complete rest from the storms of life in the arms of Jesus.



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