Dec 20, 2023 | God's Love

In his name, the nations will put their hope.
Matthew 12:21

Yesterday we enjoyed a Christmas Celebration at our Church. We belong to “The Classic Club” a group for members of the congregation who are over sixty-five. I am not, but I go along with my dear husband who is the age to qualify as part of the Classic Club!

Anyone could share a poem or story, and so I did.

Since today will be super busy here with Christmas events happening, I decided to share the story and poem I shared yesterday at our Church Program for the Seniors. I hope you don’t mind.

Here goes:


My husband assured me this morning that although I am not actually of a Classic Club age, it would be okay to share a story and a poem.

I have two short poems to share with you our Classy Classic Club Members today.

The first one is called Christmas is for soul searching.

And the second one is The Priceless Gift of Christmas.

BOTH where written by Helen Steiner Rice ~


Before I read them, though, I must say, I did my own soul-searching.

Number # 1 … Jesus is the reason we celebrate always. His glory is number one.

As I was soul-searching, being always the sentimental type, I gave thought to memories of the past.

-Parties on Christmas Eve around the kitchen table, shelling peanuts and drinking homemade eggnog, with Dad and Mom and 6 rowdy but happy siblings. Candles were glowing and there was laughter, spirits bright.

-Sunday School Concerts at my childhood Church. We sang at the top of our lungs in worship of Jesus there. At the end, they gave each child a paper bag with peanuts, an orange, and a candy cane with cold chocolate milk to drink by the carton as soft white flakes of snow fell on the sidewalk and the Church bells chimed.

-Christmas caroling as Young People riding through town on a hay wagon. Some homes received our gift of song warmly, others not so much.

-Not too long ago, two years in fact, my mom spent her last Christmas with me in Fergus Hospital during COVID. I was the only one allowed to see her that day. My sister was with her on Christmas Day.

Christmas does that right?

It brings memories of Christmases past, celebrating CHRIST’S BIRTH joyfully.

What memories might you be pondering this Christmas?

Did you toboggan in the snow, faces all aglow, and hearts full of love, our Christ Jesus, now above?

Can you picture your childhood church and the members of your congregation then singing to Christ in love?

A friend told me recently she attends Ladies Society Priscilla, where my momma used to attend. That was 40, 50, 55 years ago. Wow!

Mom would read the occasional Helen Steiner Rice poem there.

And so I carry on the love she had for CHRIST, just as she did.

Our parents always taught us to love Jesus first.

Probably yours did too?

With these soul contemplations shared, I will read two poems Momma would have loved and I hope you do too.

And as we hear the words, may it cause us to be thankful again for one more year at Christmas and always ~ For the gift of life in Jesus.

Eternal life, life daily, lived in the Spirit of Christ, life to live with hope and joy in our hearts each day of the year!

There is joy at Christmas because we have life in Jesus.


***** For the poems I will Post them as photos above. I hope you cherish the words in your heart today.

With Christ’s Love,



One Poem is called “Christmas is For Soul Searching.”

The other poem is called “The Priceless Gift of Christmas”

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