Jesus Wept

Feb 15, 2024 | God's Love, Hope

“Jesus wept.”
John 11:35

This beautiful Bible Verse is the shortest in the Bible.

It was in the chapter I read this morning about Lazarus dying.

That verse is so personal. Here, we see Jesus as fully human and fully divine. We know in our day-to-day experiences we have Jesus caring with empathy for us in our heartaches and struggles. What a rich comfort that is. Jesus is not distant or unable to identify with our pain and sorrow.

Jesus wept as he felt empathy for those near to Him.

We do the same as we emulate Jesus.

I chose this verse today because it touched me yesterday. Perhaps it has done the same for you?

In the morning I rushed off (after writing the Blog) to the School several of our Grandsons attend. It was 100 Day, a wonderful celebration of reaching the halfway mark of the year at School.

For the Grade One classes the parents, friends, and grandparents receive invitations to visit the classrooms and say hello and share in the joy-filled celebration! The children with their parents create exceptional T-shirts with using one hundred as the theme.

Some children had one hundred hearts it was Valentines Day! Others had one hundred bugs, naturally bug lovers here. Our grandson chose one hundred snakes and how many boys love to play with them!

The excitement on the children’s faces made it all worth it to attend! Their work assignments, strategically posted in the hallways, made any parent/grandparent proud. We read many of them and smiled at the creativity of each individual. Each one as unique as God made them. The teachers have such a beautiful assignment in working with such open hearts and minds!

After racing home, sharing a quick lunch with my husband, it was time to start my work again.

Today I had someone new to Counsel, and I was excited and also nervous, as is normal, I suppose.

As the Session began and the beautiful person facing me shared her heart and her life, the tears threatened to choke me. So I wept silent tears as she opened her vulnerable soul to me. And I know Jesus wept with us there in that room.

It always amazes me when God allows the opportunity to be a tool in His hand to offer hope and healing to individuals seeking to be whole. The sins of others have profoundly hurt and scarred many individuals in the world. So many are hurting and wounded, searching for healing. But there is an answer. His name is Jesus.

Christ is the balm of healing for all life’s pain and struggles. He is the answer. Many need support to find the way to His healing touch. If it weren’t for my own struggles and pain along the way, I would not have empathy or understanding for those who come to me for support.

So I am thankful Jesus wept. And I am thankful He taught me to weep for myself and for others. And I am thankful He taught me to give my pain to Him and to help others do the same.

There is hope and healing in giving our deepest pain and tears to Jesus, our Saviour.

For who else knew suffering like Jesus? And who else knows us like our precious Saviour and LORD? (Psalm 139:1-2)

If anyone understands pain, loneliness, grief, betrayal, rejection, desertion, agony of spirit, our Saviour and LORD did. And He wants to help others in their pain. He truly does. Give it to Him today. He who wept. He who places ordinary people on your pathway to help you find Jesus’ heart for you.

Jesus wept.

We can weep too.

In Christ’s Love,


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