Love Each Other

Jun 12, 2023 | God's Love

No one has ever seen God.
If we love each other,
God remains in us
and His love is
made perfect in us.
1 John 4:12



Written in St. Lucia on June 8, 2023


God is the one who teaches us how to love each other.

As we love each other, God’s spirit remains in us.

Then His love is made perfect in us, in other words we get better and better at knowing how to love others when God’s love fills our hearts!

So many people walk around unloved, miserable, and searching for love in all the wrong places.

First we must allow God’s love to define us and no one else’s love.

Then we ask God to help us love others around us with His love by His grace.

There is no way we can really love well unless we learn how to love with God’s love in us leading us.

Our hearts are restless until we find our rest in God, our love in God, our all in God.

I for one am thankful that God has helped me learn to love with His love in me.

My life and relationships would be a wreck without this love.

I would want to serve myself and find all the love I need for myself in life.

But with God’s love filling me, I am able to love my husband, to serve Him, and to keep loving Him even when he fails me.

I don’t expect him to be perfect only God’s love is perfect.

I encourage you dear reader to seek God on how to love others.

God is love, He will teach you if you rely on Him to do it.

I know because He has taught me.

After 38 years of marriage, we are both learning not to be selfish but to serve each other with Christ’s love leading us in that way.

I pray that for your life too dear reader.

May God’s love teach you how to love as you rely on Him in prayer and seek Him to help you to love.

You will never ever regret that prayer.

Your life will be changed forever with God’s love.

He will help you learn ot love deeply from the heart when He fills your heart.

That is what His Word says above and His Word is true.


Are you tired of empty love?

Ask God for His love to lead your life.

You will never be the same again.


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