Love One Another Deeply

Jun 12, 2023 | Encouragement, God's Love

Love one another deeply, from the heart.
1 Peter 1:22 c


The following Post was written on Day # 6 of our Trip to Saint Lucia on June 7th. Since I am only Posting it now on the Blog it will appear as written on June 12th. I hope that makes sense.


Today is my husband’s & my 38th Wedding Anniversary!

As some of you may know, I can sometimes move more quickly than I should at the moment.

Somehow that landed me up with a bag of ice on my knee and my husband catering to me but I have to say that would only happen on our anniversary or if I had an injury. Both were the case today, but later only minor, I am thankful to say.

We are back in our honeymoon destination of St. Lucia… for a week’s reprieve from daily life.

St. Lucia is a breath of what Heaven will be like but only a breathtaking glimpse.

As my husband and I meandered over to the Caribbean Seaside Restaurant, our server came up to us. She asked what happened to my knee. We told her it is our 38th anniversary. She gave us some heartfelt advice that I will never forget.

Kimberley suggested we take a slow pace and enjoy each other’s company today. She said don’t worry about what you are going to do. Just enjoy each other.

Then she told us how she lost her husband a year ago in a tragic accident. She has four children, the eldest 19 and the youngest 6. Her oldest son keeps his siblings in line when she is at work.

This resilient woman said, “there is a blessing in that…” (injury) She meant to spend time together with each other.

She explained how she and her children have each other yet.

This woman showed character, strength, and grace.

She told us how she has her hard days, but she holds on and looks for the blessings in a day.

It seems to be the way of the people here to be resilient and hearty folk.

We learned a lot about the history of St. Lucia yesterday at Anse Mamim.

The history includes slavery over 200 years ago. It began here at Anse Mamin Plantation.

But the hardy character and with many we meet, the strength of faith overrides the adversity and though life is hard, perseverance is the way of life.

I have learned so much from these lovely people, many sisters and brothers in Christ.

We had the opportunity to attend a Pentecostal Church in Soufriere Village on Sunday.

It was a three hour service of joy in the LORD.

All in all I am learning good perspective here in St. Lucia and we are thankful for the time God has given us here so far.

Blessings across the miles dear reader. Keeping my head up and I hope you are too.


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