And I will ask the Father, and He will give you
another advocate to help you and be with you
John 14:16


In John chapter 14, Jesus is preparing His disciples for his departure to go to be seated at the right hand of God, our Father in heaven. He is encouraging them, not abandoning anyone. The disciples appear troubled, for they fear being without Jesus.

This is a natural response to someone we look up to departing. Those in authority over us, those we admire and respect and see as our supporters or proponents. Sometimes we need someone to advocate for us, to help us express our views, and to stand up for us. It is a good feeling to know someone has our back.

Jesus was all of this and more to His disciples. He gave them courage, supported them, encouraged their faith. He never let them down.

We all know how people let us down sometimes. And we let others down simultaneously. What better reason to choose Jesus as our helper over man?

In John 14:16, Jesus promises His disciples to be that helper, encourager, supporter, advocate. He is speaking to you and I as well. Jesus is assuring the disciples, all His followers, that He will be with us through the Holy Spirit who lives inside of the believer.

Have you ever had a moment, perhaps days on end… where you felt abandoned, alone, and devoid of any help? People you thought would come through for you seemed like they deserted you? Who hasn’t?

Those are the times God calls us to lean on Him alone and build our trust in His faithfulness. He wants to prove Himself to us. We must not doubt His desire to be our advocate, our helper, our everything.

Our Lord Jesus acts on behalf of those who love Him, trust Him, believe in His defense of us.

If we waiver in our trust of Him, we need only ask for His help, and He will prove Himself. The Holy Spirit inside of us will quicken us, strengthen us, and encourage us when all others fail us.

Where would we be without the Holy Spirit empowering us? Like many in the world we would lie in a heap of discouragement, despondency, helplessness, and hopelessness.

Thanks be to God who gives us the victory and makes us conquerors though our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have no reason to mope. Or grope. Nope.

We have the Holy Spirit, our helper, with us forever.

Naturally, we will meet with sorrow, grief, and hardships in this imperfect world. God’s Word promises us we will have victory over these situations through His strengthening us, empowering us, and standing beside us all the way.

We are not victims we are victors.

This past weekend I took a photo along the roadside of a what I thought to be purple loosestrife. It is actually known as the Dame’s Violet.

Some of my older siblings reminded me of a lesson from our earthly father. He was a walking encyclopedia in many subjects, weeds being one of them. He knew the names of every weed on his farm. My older sister reminded me of the name of this little weed.

Here is what she shared…Dame’s Violet …  “Pinkstren in Dutch. Pentecost flower as taught to me by Dad. Despite the variance in the Pentecost dates it is always blooming on Pentecost.”

How profoundly beautiful is our God? He alone could have created this meaningful little bloom for those who have eyes to see.

So for your joy (and mine) I am sharing a photo of the “Pinkstren Pentecost Flower” today. Let it remind each of us of One who will never let us down. The one who lives inside the believer in Jesus Christ, empowering us to live in victory and resilience in this broken world. Until one day we go to be with our Advocate the Father, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.











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