Praise God’s Name

Oct 5, 2023 | Gratitude

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30


Have you ever experienced a trying time and you decide to play songs, hymns, or spiritual songs to glorify God in the middle of your trial?

And have you noticed how this lifts you up and gives you joy that resonates and reverberates within your heart?

This can happen in our personal times of worship, or it can occur during corporate worship. The Holy Spirit fills our souls with unrestrained joy, as we lift our hearts to the King who sits on the throne in heaven and in our hearts!

God is present in our praises. It teaches us this concept in Psalm twenty two verse three. When God’s people honour Him in song and adoration, He is there, present, and dwelling within.

Isn’t it amazing that it pleases God when we sing in humble worship of Him? Our thankfulness and gratitude means more to God than costly gifts.

Those that seek God through Christ Jesus will live forever and find comfort in this hope!

We have reason to sing and give thanks!

David wrote Psalm 69 as he was grateful and confident for rescuing him. He vowed to magnify and praise God’s name!

As we lift God’s name in song, we magnify His name. We acknowledge Him as the one and only true God. We ascribe to God the glory due His name. As Christians we are aware of our unworthiness, except that Christ makes us worthy. And we sing of this with our hearts lifted high.

There are so many Psalms written that articulate so excellently the praises we ought to give our almighty God.

Sometimes, new Christians don’t know where to begin as they desire to read the Bible. I would suggest the book of Psalms as the perfect place to begin, along with the book of John. Any place is the right place, but perhaps these two books would make it easier to begin.

In the Psalms, we find so many excellent words expressed in honour to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Sometimes I would like to camp there forever, since there are so many heartfelt expressions of beauty and honesty.

What is your favourite song of praise to our God? Perhaps it is unfair to ask you to choose just one. If you are anything like me, it just can’t be narrowed down to only one!

Some well known Psalms of Thanksgiving include;

Psalm 100, Psalm 95, Psalm 50, Psalm 107, Psalm 106, Psalm 111, Psalm 30, Psalm 28, Psalm 103, Psalm 16, Psalm 138, Psalm 34, Psalm 7, Psalm 136, Psalm 92, Psalm 147, Psalm 89, Psalm 117, Psalm 150 and today’s choice Psalm 69.

If it so happens you are having a down day, try reading some of those Psalms out loud. Remember, God inhabits our praises, and as we read them out loud, we experience God’s nearness, and He lifts us up again.

As we give thanks to whom they are due, daily, let us worship God in song, and glorify Him with thanksgiving.

That is time well spent magnifying God’s name. He is worthy.




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