Prayer to Keep a Tender Heart

Open, Lord, my inward ear

And bid my heart rejoice!

Bid my quiet spirit hear

Thy comfortable voice,

Never in a whirlwind found,

Or where the earthquakes rock the place;

Still and silent is the sound,

The whisper of Thy grace,

Rom the world of sin, and noise,

And hurry, I withdraw;

For the small and inward voice

I wait with humble awe,

Silent am I now, and still,

Dare not Thy presence move;

To my waiting soul, reveal

The secret of Thy love,

Lord, my time is in Thine hand,

My soul to Thee convert;

Thou canst make me understand,

Though I am slow of heart;

Thine, in whom I live and move,

Thine the work, the praise is Thine,

Thou are wisdom, power and love –

And all Thou art is mine…

John Wesley


Romans 5:5 is the probable basis of John Wesley’s poem written above.
“And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been
poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been give
to us.”


I pulled this poem out of the gift bag of favourite quotes, sayings, songs and especially Bible Verses.

Around the mid-seventeen hundreds John Wesley would have penned it along with many of his other songs and poems.

He was a leader of a revival movement in the Church of England known as the Methodist Movement.

It seems he wrote this poem earlier on and his understanding of God’s love grew and he received it as a gift by faith.

I find it interesting that I collected that poem earlier on in my walk of faith as well.

It is the sincere request of a child of God to soften our hearts and listen to God’s still small voice.

As we place our hands in God’s and slowdown to be with Him, we hear the whisper of His grace in the depth of our souls.

It is the one who listens for, quiets their spirits and waits on God to speak who will hear as God makes Himself known.

We hear His voice as we read His Word. Quietly, pondering the Words God speaks to our souls.

Our souls are being converted as we humble ourselves in His presence, feeding on His Words of truth.

The beauty of this is we are never done. Change is ongoing. Our hearts belong to God, yet we are ever more sanctified with being in

God’s Holy presence. He does the work of change as we allow our hearts to be molded and changed. As we receive God’s Word,

into the depths of our soul.

As John Wesley puts it, “though I am slow of heart” the work, the praise, is Thine.

All glory to God as He continues to cause our hearts to be tender to the things of God, as he molds us and as He teaches us about His grace and love.

May we daily withdraw and listen to the still small voice.

And may He always keep our hearts tender to His ways.





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