Quiet Confidence

“The result of righteousness will be peace;
And the effect of righteousness will be quiet confidence forever.” 
Isaiah 32:17

It’s a new month again. Febraury. Love month. What a significant theme for a middle of winter month. Don’t you just love, love?

That theme should beat the winter blahs?

For today the first day of February 2024, I will write a bit about the effects of Christ’s love on us.

Isaiah 32 verse 17 has been a favourite Bible Verse for a long time. We even have it in a frame on our wall at our home.

Don’t you treasure those beautiful words written above also?

What does it mean?

Well, to begin with, as we know, God wrote through Isaiah and penned the words for the Israelites of old in the book of Isaiah.

But as Christians, we believe and know without a doubt, this message is also from God’s heart to ours.

So what does it mean for us?

As believers we accept the righteousness of Christ as our own. He gives us a robe of righteousness. He takes our sin and removes it all with His blood sacrifice on the cross.

Anyone who thinks they have to earn their way to heaven has got it all wrong. Our righteousness (rightness/holiness) is a gift from God by His grace to us.

What a relief.

Once we believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we are righteous through His sacrifice on the cross for us.

Out of thankfulness Christians make it their goal to live godly lives with God’s grace helping them. We will never be perfect on this earth. Yet our goal should be to imitate Christ and not the ways of the world.

Thus, we gain inner peace, tranquility, quiet confidence, serenity and calmness of mind.

What’s not to like about that?

Last evening I spoke to someone about having inner peace. We both agreed peace can be fleeting. We must come back to Jesus’ time and time again to ask Him to give us inner peace.

That would involve repenting of any sin that is between us and our God.

As the Israelites learned to lean on God in trust and confidence, so must we.

As a youth, I lacked confidence. What about you? We can be confident on the outside but very fearful and unsure on the inside.

May it be we all come to a place where we find our identity in Christ. Once we do, our confidence is quiet and unshakable. At least that has been my experience. No one can strip us of our new identity, that newfound confidence, try as the devil might.

So for today, this first day of February 2024, let us reflect on God’s love for us, His righteousness imputed to us, His character infused in us. This is love. Confident love. Unshakeable love.

What kind of love are you waiting for?

Find it in Christ alone.

I will too.



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