Quiet Counsel Like Spring Rains

Apr 27, 2023 | Growing in God's Grace

They waited for me as for showers and drank in my words as the spring rain.
Job 29:23


During the days of Job’s prosperity, many came to him for counsel.

Then God allowed Job to go through a series of hard trials.

As Job goes through tough days and even tougher nights, he recalls his usefulness to God and to others.

People of all kinds came to Job for advice. This was not just because of his position, but for his wisdom, integrity, and capable management skills.

Lives became blessed and Job honoured God as he shared His insights with those who came to him.

Job was a wealthy business owner with title and prestige before he lost everything.

During his former days, Job helped the poor and supported those in need of rescue.

People came to him in droves, like the spring rain, to hear his words of advice.

And when Job suffered, it brought him comfort to remember the days when he could bless others.

He was a wise leader and with his kind counsel; he offered comfort and tenderness to others.

Being honoured and useful brought glory to the God of his life.

So Job remembered God’s faithfulness to him when he suffered.

That is a good thought to hold on to.

We should remember God’s faithfulness in good times when we go through hard times.

Job came through his hard suffering by clinging to the God of his life, never cursing him, yet questioning him.

He prayed for the friends that turned on him.

He was a picture of Jesus in suffering. Yet Jesus was perfect, Job was not.

In the end, the LORD of his life pours on blessings like spring rains in Job’s life.

He gives him double for all that he lost.

As you think of the spring rains that pour down, think of the possibility that God would use your words as spring rain.

Ask Him to help you give wise counsel to others.

Perhaps you may find that you are a bigger blessing to others than you ever could have imagined.

And thank the LORD for giving spring rains.



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