REBUILDING- From Destruction to Standing on a Solid Foundation

Jan 16, 2023 | Rebuilding

Nehemiah is a book in the Bible about rebuilding. The words rebuilt, repaired, and made repairs, lie recorded at least forty-three times in Nehemiah chapter 3.


King Artaxerxes, granted Nehemiah’s request to go to Jerusalem and so Nehemiah the cupbearer set out to do the work that God had put in his heart to do. (Nehemiah 2:12)


Nehemiah would rebuild the wall of Jerusalem after the Jewish people, God’s people, had been in captivity in Babylon for 70 years. Nehemiah became the Governor of Jerusalem. He worked with other like-minded Jews to rebuild the wall after the Babylonian army that captured Jerusalem destroyed it and took the Jews into captivity so long ago.


The work of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem was an enormous and zealous mission. Nehemiah was confident that God would lead the way and cause him and his workers to flourish. He states in Nehemiah 2:20, “The God of heaven will give us success. We, his servants, will start rebuilding…”


It is no surprise as we read on that Nehemiah encounters opposition. Someone will surely challenge any good work done for the Lord. Nehemiah’s enemies stirred up trouble and plotted together to stop the work of rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem. They threatened Nehemiah and ridiculed the work crew. The intimidation tactics were dauntless. (Nehemiah 4:8, 9, 14).


The Bible gives us such exemplary examples to follow, and Nehemiah is no exception. He was a man who persevered under the hand of his God. His brazen stance in the face of the malicious adversary is to hold unwaveringly to the conviction that his God would fight for them! (Nehemiah 4:20)  


We see how God comes through faithfully! When the wall was complete, Nehemiah takes note that the “self-confidence” of those around them had shriveled. They realized that the work had been done with the help of the living God! (Nehemiah 6:16)


As we draw upon God’s help, real confidence grows. It is best defined as “God-confidence!” Omit the term self.


Daily, should we encounter opposition, we may also forge ahead with our endeavors under the guidance of our gracious God!


Our great God is with us when we walk with Him and in His ways. He is Immanuel – God with us today, just as He was in Nehemiah’s day. He is the powerful force within and the powerful force without.


Do you believe that the only true God is as real and active in your life as He was in Nehemiah’s life?


Can you stand strong in the face of any critics who might seek to malign your mission?


Will you rebuild as necessary in your own life under the assurance that your God will be faithful?


What mission is God calling you to?


What needs restoration, rebuilding, repairs in your life? Is it your health, your vision, your purpose, your finances? Is a total restoration in order?


Seek God’s guiding hand and walk in confidence. He is the God who redeems and makes new. No project, no person, no need is too big or too small to ask Him to help you rebuild. He is the sure foundation upon which we should build.


Nehemiah forged ahead in God’s strength and so can we. Nehemiah fasted and prayed and we will need to do the same step by step, day by day. Then one day we will stand in awe of what God has done for us to bring life full circle from captivity to a new life, on a solid foundation, secure in Christ and His ways.


After all, “our God will fight for us!”

This is Immanuel… God with us, a foundation that will never crumble.

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