Rest in God’s Power

Aug 21, 2023 | Encouragement, Hope

Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.
Ephesians 6:10


Have you ever had a day when you look back on it and realize you have not asked for God’s help and strength?

How did that day go for you?

In my experience those times when I do not bow the knee are the times I am zapped of energy in no time at all.

So what does that look like for you? Are you looking after the littles and getting short on patience? Are you working 9 to 5 and realize you performed below average that day? Or perhaps you are pouring out your energy to bless others in some different way? When you begin the day in prayer it all just seems to go much better, and especially when you ask specifically for God’s strength to get through your day.

We experienced this on a weekend away visiting relatives. The day began enjoying breakfast together, and we did devotions as a family. However, we neglected to pray privately for what we needed that day. Soon enough we parted ways until later that day. It was then we took a moment to pray privately for God’s strength and help for the day. We gave thanks for the many blessings of family and friends as well. No sooner had we prayed than we realized our day was going much smoother and we were being filled with the spirit and the strength of the Lord in no uncertain terms.

After the morning we met up in Goderich to bike the G2G Trail or at least 50 KM of the trail from Goderich to Auburn and back to Goderich. We rode above Lake Huron on the paved roadway and visited the various scenic lookouts. The ride ended at The Cove and Beach Street Station. There at day’s end, we enjoyed the company of a dozen of family and friends.

The trail we biked is a scenic haven for nature lovers. As we biked together the sun was shining down on us, trees lined both sides of the trail intermixed with sumacs, Queen Anne’s lace (also known as wild carrot or bishops lace), and goldenrod. A multitude of birds hummed their song, as we paddled our bikes in rhythm to natures beat.

Suddenly I noticed I was not biking but soaring forward along the trail, my bike seemed to be carried along, as once again I praised the Lord for the strength and power, He gave me to bike along for the day. My knee needs surgery, and I only had my 26 speed, Norco, while all the other’s speed along effortlessly on e-bikes! How much did I need that extra measure of strength and power from my Lord! And He gave it to me as I asked. And I thanked Him for it too! As the beauty of God’s radiance poured out around me, I soaked it all in and gave thanks with a grateful heart.

So how will our day go today dear reader?

Will God fill us with power from on high?

Will we find strength in the Lord and be able to rest in His might?

As we pray and ask, pray and ask, God gives His strength and power and in Him we find our rest.

To God be the glory for the beauty of His creation, the greatness of His power and strength.

As we find our rest in Him, our hearts will overflow and never stop overflowing in gratitude.




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