Rest With Quiet Trust

This is what the Sovereign LORD,
the Holy One of Israel, says:
“Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved.
In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”
But you would have none of it. (NLT)
 Isaiah 30:15

God is speaking to the Israelites through the prophet Isaiah in the Bible Verse listed above.

The Jewish people were choosing to live in rebellion to God. They were His chosen people and yet they strayed from following God and His ways.

Naturally, this Bible Verse was written for us and applies to us as well.

God is saying here a very important concept. As we turn back to Him and rest in Him for forgiveness of sin, God saves us from our sin.

When we continue in rebellion, loving darkness rather than light, we will remain unsaved.

So, although speaking about sin is not a popular topic, it needs to be addressed.

Sometimes we act in hardness of heart, ignoring our own sins, stubbornly pursuing what we know is wrong.

If we continue on the path of rebellion, this Bible text teaches we will not find rest, nor will God save us.

It is in repentance, and turning to Jesus for forgiveness, and turning from our sin, that we find confidence, trust God, and our souls are at rest.

How do I know so much about this topic? To be honest, I have had seasons of rebellion, though subtle still there.

What about you?

None of us likes to spend too much time discussing our rebellion and sin.

For sure we like to divert from the subject and even with God in prayer, we might skirt the real issue.

The good news is God opens His arms to us as we return to Him with repentant hearts, wanting to change.

No matter how grievous the sin. No matter how long a person has lived in rebellion. God forgives a repentant heart.

Now to focus on the positive and oh, how we love to do that.

The result of repenting and saying sorry to the LORD when we sin, and crying out for help in the depth of our sin, wanting to change for good, and with God’s power and grace, being able to do so… well this brings a quiet confidence and trust.

We are free to rest in God. He brings the change as we cooperate with Him to do so and do our part. Living in denial of sin is never the remedy. Facing our depravity and sin and asking God to help us have victory no matter what the cost, that is the answer. God takes our shame away too and gives us peace and a quiet heart.

Isn’t that a beautiful and comforting Bible Verse dear reader?

For me, I am thankful God has taught me to find rest in Him. To find my confidence in Him and His love and nothing else. ZIP. He has taught me to trust Him with all my heart, bumps, bruises, and sinful seasons once removed.

What about you?

Are you floundering in your sin? Perhaps you are in denial? Are you too stubborn to admit your sin?

There is hope. Call out to God and ask Him to change you, no matter what the cost. He surely will. His power can do just that. And what results from not turning to Jesus in repentance and a real desire to turn from your sin? In a word, death. That person will not be saved, but what they desired in sin will master them. That is the truth of God’s word.

So let us hold on to these words of hope today from Isaiah. Return, rest, and live in quiet confidence and the strength of the LORD today.

There in lies hope, confidence, strength, and trust in God almighty. There in rests our salvation. God alone.

Those who make God their resting place, their trust, their confidence, their hope, and strength, their everything, will have peace. And quiet rest.

God is gracious to all who turn to Him in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Those who turn to God will walk with confidence, strength, and trust. No one can ever take that away, not even the enemy of our souls. God is bigger and His grace is stronger as we trust in Him.

Won’t you find rest for your soul today?


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