Secure Homes

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places,
in secure homes,
in undisturbed places of rest.
Though hail flattens the forest, 
and the city is leveled completely,
how blessed you will be,
sowing your seed by every stream,
and letting your cattle and donkeys
range free.
Isaiah 32:18-20 NIV

It is a comforting thought knowing God provides peace, no matter the circumstances.

When God’s Spirit lives within an individual, they are content regardless of storms of hail or winds of change.

The Christian rests in the comfort of God’s sovereignty and grace.

Daily, we ask for an infilling of the Holy Spirit so we can remain content even when things look bleak.

Often we need to spend time in worship and praise to renew our minds when our spirits are dry.

This is vital.

As Paul learned to be content with little or with much, we need lessons in this department as well.

“I have learned to the secret of being content in any and every situation,
whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or want.
I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”
Philippians 4:11-13.

We are all journeying through a desert land, searching for living water.

As we stop long enough to drink of God’s supply of life giving refreshment, His Word, we remain filled with all we need to be satisfied.

We sow by the streams of living water and find our satisfaction in Christ alone. He is the living bread; the life-giving source of our happiness.

When we are empty and running dry, we must ask God to fill our cups with His sweet renewing refreshment.

Christ is our hiding place, our refuge, and our source. Our hearts are secure as He makes His home in us.

Our God blesses His people with peace. What we plant prospers as fruitfulness in Christ’s Kingdom.

Green pastures surround us as we live in our Shepherd’s protection and feed on His Word.

Spiritual nourishment fills the void where loneliness, emptiness, dryness, or discontentment once hovered.

God refreshes our souls, carries our burdens, and frees us from tension or strife, as we remain and abide in Him.

How quickly we lose sight of our peaceful dwellings only to worry and fret like sheep.

Though storms rage and surroundings are unsettling, our hope remains in Christ alone.

How we need to pray for strength daily.

For God’s leading daily.

And as the Israelites of old encountered enemies that sought to destroy homes and cities, we will face our own giants to conquer.

But we will prevail only in the grace, strength, and power of all mighty God.

We sow our seed beside all waters as God leads us. By every stream, meaning to every person, God puts in front of us as He wills it.

So many are hungering and thirsting for righteousness, but they need someone to give them a cup of water in Christ’s name.

As Christians read these scant few Bible Verses from Isaiah 32, we know deep within our tired and broken souls Christ is calling.

Mercy and healing life flow from the river of our God.

Come, drink, and become satisfied.

Christ is the living water.



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