The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Mar 18, 2024 | God's Love

“While Peter was still saying these things,
+the Holy Spirit fell on all who heard the 
Acts 10:44


It is a joy to read about Paul’s Missionary journeys in the book of Acts, along with the other Apostles such as Peter, Philip, Barnabas, and even Stephen, who gave himself as a martyr for his faith.

We learn a lot from these men.

Paul had been a murderer of Christians, who now became the world’s greatest missionary teaching people about the salvation found in Jesus Christ alone.

Peter denied Jesus three times. (John 18:17, Matthew 26:69, Mark 14:66, Luke 22:56, Luke 22:58). He wept bitterly over his sin. Now He was a rock, (Matthew 16:18) an undeniably solid preacher, teacher, and evangelist who shared the good news of God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ.

Barnabas was as a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and grace. (Acts 11:24)

Philip witnessed to the Ethiopian and others.

Then Stephen died as a martyr for teaching about Jesus Christ. He asked God to forgive those that stoned him as he died. He looked up into heaven knowing where he was going.

Would we count the cost as these apostles did so?

Do we care enough about others to share the good news of Jesus Christ so that the Holy Spirit may fall on all who hear according to God’s will?

As God anoints His earthly vessels who carry the gift of the Holy Spirit inside, the word of God spreads as the good news multiplies, new believers receive the gift of belonging to God’s family.

The way the Holy Spirit works should never cease to amaze us! We can say, along with these New Testament believers, “welcome to the family of God!”

With joy, we will go out and desire to share with others what Christ has done for us. We are weak, broken, and yet redeemed sinners, aiming to be faithful to share with others.

As we seek God’s anointing to share the gospel with those around us, he opens the doors for us to do so. We need not hang a degree on our door but only need a heart to serve Jesus willingly and faithfully.

If it wasn’t for the God’s decision regarding “things clean and unclean” as God instructed Peter, (Acts 10:15) as Gentiles we would have no part in the Kingdom of God. Now both Jews and Gentiles who believe in Jesus Christ receive salvation. Yet many Jews refuse to believe Jesus Christ was born, died, and was resurrected from the dead. They still wait upon a majestic king they reject the humble King born in a manger, who died on the cross.

May God’s grace reach from Sea to Sea and to the ends of the earth reaching both Jews and Gentiles, and for this we must pray.

Our efforts to reach people with the gospel can begin in our own neighborhood. Perhaps you could go on a Mission Trip, or perhaps that is a dream in your heart? I am thankful for both opportunities in the past locally to do mission work and to travel to Grenada and Dominican Republic to work at missions.

Our work is never complete in sharing the gospel as believers until we go home to be with Jesus.

Then we can rest from our labors of love for Christ and worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords with all the myriads of multitudes who believe.





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