The Master Potter’s Hand

Mar 21, 2023 | Growing in God's Grace

Yet, O LORD, you are our Father.
We are the clay; you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.
Isaiah 64:8

If I think of clay, thoughts of muddy lumps come to mind. Hard substance with little to look at. Very little will grow well in clay. I know that because we live in an area where clay is the predominant soil type.

Yet potters take clay, and sculpt it into beautiful vessels. Artists gifted with the ability to take a piece of mud will mold it and make it into a lovely bowl, vase or other valuable pieces.

And for those who believe, we are the same in the hand of our God.

So often in the beginning or our molding journey, we are immovable, stubborn lumps of soil, with hardened hearts.

When we give the ultimate Potter control to do His will more and more, we become a finer vessel.

Our hearts and lives become pliable, and we become more and more molded into the image of our God.

Christ’s spirit breathes life and a burning desire to live right shines into our hearts. We long to become more and more Christlike.

We become the strong and delicate vessel that had looked beyond hope, that was broken and sometimes shattered to what looked to be beyond repair.

In God’s hands our spirits soar and our lives become molded for His purposes, plans beyond our understanding when we first began in the Potter’s hands.

I love the words to an old Hymn entitled, “Have Thine Own Way Lord” that this Bible Verse always brings to mind.

“Have Thine own way Lord

Have Thine own way

Hold over my being absolute sway

Filled with Thy Spirit till all can see

Christ only always living in me.”

Do we live up to this perfectly as Christians?

No. But the more we lean upon the LORD, and walk in the Spirit, rather than our own stubborn will, the more we become like Christ, and the more it should reflect on us and in us.

Much molding yet to be done, dear one.

For me and for you. Until one day we reach the promised land where the soil is perfect, our lives become perfected fully, and we are completely in the presence of the God who made us in His image.

Until that day let us aim to live with lives pliable, moldable, and submitted fully to Him.

We can live on this earth as clay in the Potter’s Hands, submitted to our great God.

He will make us a vessel of worth and value because that is what He does.

Not for our own glory, not to be a flashy showpiece, but to be a useful piece of art in His hands.

Do you look forward to being molded and made after His will until the day you leave this earth?

That will be the day when our earthly vessel remains in the soil of this earth, while our spirit soars forever in eternity, waiting for the day when our physical body will be perfect.

Are you prepared to meet this Potter?

Have you surrendered your will to His will for your life?

That day may be tomorrow.

Or it might be today.

Perhaps longer.

One thing is sure, however, we will meet our Maker, the ultimate Potter of our lives, and we need to be ready, pliable, and prepared.


Have thine own way, LORD, in the hearts and souls of each reader today. Grant us your grace as you mold us today for your purposes, your glory, and your use.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.



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