The Truth Will Set You Free

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32
“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
John 8:36


When I grew up, children completed Sunday School after grade six. At the tender age of eleven, each one of us graduates received a Bible for completing Sunday School. My Bible is white and has the words of John 8 verse 32 inscribed in the front.

I treasure that Bible and those words. Yet fifty years ago, I barely understood what those words meant. A day was coming in the future when I would learn to cling to those words.

So what does it mean for you and me to know the truth and to be set free by the Son?

For me it was a gradual learning that despite my sinfulness, Jesus wanted me to rely on Him and His teachings. As I did this more and more, the Word of God set me free more and more. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the penetration of God’s Word into my heart, my life was improving. I was indeed being freed from the mire and muck of sin.

What about you?

Have you found freedom in Christ? Or are you under bondage to Satan and a destructive way of living? Are you a slave to your appetite for sin, or has Christ given you the power to rise above sin?

As Christians, the enemy, Satan, will still try to destroy us. He will still try to trip us up daily. Yet as we lean on Christ, His Word/The Bible, and the power we have in Christ by His Holy Spirit leading us, we can indeed become set free from addictions, sinful habits of anger, jealousy, or greed. We can also rise above any temptations, such as food, sexual sin, or materialism.

Nothing is impossible with God. He can set free the vilest of sinners. His power is greater than the enemy of our souls, Satan.

As a Christian Counsellor, I have been privileged to witness this transformation in many lives.

People can get hooked on drugs, alcohol, sex/ pornography, food, any myriad of things but as they turn to Christ, who extends His mercy, their lives will become free as they follow Him and lean on His ways and power to overcome.

Jesus is always willing to enter the messes of His beloved children. But only if we ask, seek, and find Him. Cry out in prayer for freedom again and again until you are free indeed! This may take time and going back again and again until Christ gradually frees you. Or it could be He releases you from bondage more quickly, even instantly. Most often, though, it is a gradual transformation and always for our benefit to grow closer to and depend on Jesus more and more and more.

My gentle encouragement to you today, don’t doubt what Christ can do to set you free.

If you are at the end of your own way of doing things, if you are desperate for help, if you need someone to rely upon other than yourself, why not do what Christ’s followers have done for centuries and say along with me,

“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

Free from bondage and sin. Living for Jesus a life that is free, truly free. Redeemed, made new, freed from the muck and mire, free from despair of dark living.

What’s not to love about freedom?

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