You Are Chosen and Special

“But you are a chosen people, 
a royal priesthood, a holy nation, 
God’s special possession, 
that you may declare the praises of him 
who called you out of darkness into 
his wonderful light. ”
1 Peter 2:9


The month of November conjures up images of darkness, colder temperatures, and barren trees. At least that is true here in Ontario, Canada.

I felt it yesterday afternoon. Darkness. Bleakness. So I forced myself to pull on a bright yellow turtleneck and brush off the negative feelings. Chin up, look up, don’t let the enemy decide your mood.

So it seemed fitting to write about the theme “light” for November. It has come to my awareness the lack of light affects many in winter months. I hope this blog brings some brightness to your corner of the world.

So let’s focus on the key Scripture for today.

As believers in Jesus Christ, God gave us many beautiful truths about our identity as Christians.

In 1 Peter 2 verse 9, we read several key truths, but there are multitudes more. It will do us good to do a study on our identity as believers.

For today we will focus on the ones listed in verse nine of 1 Peter, chapter two.

As Christians, God is speaking over us here. God has chosen us, set us apart for His purposes.

Not only that, we are called “holy” and “royal.” Let me specify here, God has made us holy only because Christ died on the cross for us. Jesus took the curse of sin, and by his blood, we are made holy. We wear a robe of righteousness. Christ covers our sin and gives us His robe of righteousness. It is nothing we have done and everything Christ has done.

We are called royal because we belong to the lineage of Christ. And that, dear reader, is the finest royalty we could ever hope for!

Along with these loving terms of endearment, as believers we are also called, “God’s special possession.” Does that not give you a bounce in your step this dark November day? When we hear this term, it conjures up gratitude to our LORD for choosing us.

God considers us chosen, royal, holy, special, and there are many more Bible Verses that teach us our grafted identity in Christ.

For today let’s hold those thoughts. And let them sink in and absorb into your heart. There is no reason to walk around with a lack of confidence. Our confidence comes from God and the identity He has given us as believers!

Next, in the selected verse above, we see that our response to all of this is praise to our God!

We are called to praise God as He drew us out of darkness, a futile way of living, empty of all meaning.

Amazingly, to none of our merit, God brought us into His wonderful light!

God’s gift of love, this living light, is for anyone who calls on the name of Jesus and believes!

What must I do to be saved? “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…” (Acts 16:31)

Many believe they are too unworthy or too sinful to call on the name of God. That is not what the Bible teaches. No one is beyond God’s grace. He will save, help, and rescue anyone who calls on Him for help and to be saved.

Who does not want to be brought into light? Would we rather stay in a deep pit of darkness and sin?

God will bring anyone into His fold if you call upon Him to help you live for Him!

So as we close for today… let’s cling to the light of life. Even in the dark days of November. He will give us hope, he will shine down His love and light to rescue us in our distress.

He has called us into His wonderful light! Shine for Him! Shine! Shine! Shine!

Let’s go!

P.S…. If you are having a dark day, remember, say out loud multiple times a day, write it on a recipe card where you can see it-

1. I am chosen by God.
2. I am God’s royal lineage.
3. I am God’s special possession
4. I live in the light of God.
5. I declare God’s praises for all HE has done!



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